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Where can I find other teen gays to talk to?
Is there somewhere I can talk to other gay teens without my parents finding out. Im 15 and want to find another gay teen to talk to about stuff. is there anywhere i can go?
If your school has a GSA, join it. That's what it's there for....support and progress toward inclusion.

If not, why not start one?

If nothing else, contact the nearest chapter of PFLAG to you, and get a list of references from them. The references they provide will be, as best they are able to monitor, safe.

How do you feel about gay teen suicide? Why do you think gays want to commit suicide is what I'm asking?
I just want to know your opinion on something to help me with my 12th grade English paper. Please help me out. Only answer if you're a gay or lesbian. Teen preferably, but not a necessity
Because the straight population makes them feel like they are nothing more then something that needs to be killed because they are different.
How many teen gays are there?
I mean... is there a percentage? A fraction to determine?
Is there a place where it shows you how many there are in each Province?
I know it sounds weird, but for once in my life I want someone to help me with this.
And no, I don't need a gay friend that only wants SEX, SEX, SEX. I think there are more important things in life than just sex.

Also if you help and you're gay/bi. Put your sex. I want to see if there are more GLB girls, or boys.
well..... the actual fraction cannot be determined because of the many that are closeted.
Why do teen gays just *have* to come out?
I mean, we read on here such horriffic stories about how badly some of them are treated. It breaks my heart to hear of their pain.

Given all the pain and heartache they experience, would it not be better for them to wait?

They get into all these heartbreaking conflicts with their families.

What is so terrible about waiting?

I just hurt for them so badly, why *can't* they just wait to come out, when so many of them would be much happier if they just waited until they are older?
Some reasons off the top of my head:

* They want to do something LGBT-related but do not want to have to deal with secrecy and all taking all the precautions of lying and said they went to the park instead of the Pride Parade, and so on.

* They want to date and do not want to have to keep it a secret.

* They're scared somebody else will tell their parents and they won't be able to do it on their own terms.

* They feel like the longer they hold it off, the worse it's going to be.

* They're hoping for a good or ambivalent reaction, and actually have no idea they're walking into a war zone.

* They know that the reaction is going to be bad but figure they'll find out one way or another, so they might as well start getting them used to the idea early on, with lots of preparation and resources.
Is there a website for teen gays?
I just want someone to talk to, so I'm looking for chat, imming, and stuff like that.
Also intrested in the answer to this question...
What does Teen Europeans thinks about Gays and Lesbians?
I would like to know what kind of opinion does teen Europeans own about gay community..
Doesn't really matter in which European country,cause I wanna know about most of them.
Are they ok with it? are they not? are they more open minded than the American teenagers?
I'm from Europe and am lesbian myself.
From the high school I came from, peoples' opinion on gays were pretty bad. The bullying was rather intense on the people who would make their sexuality known. I had a gay friend that was beaten up by a bunch of guys just because he's gay.
This was only my school however, and the college I went to seemed to have teenagers that accepted it without question.
A lot of adults seem to be okay with it, and there's quite a lot of same-sex happily married couples about.
I think everyone's slowly learning to accept the gay community, and the people that don't are too influenced by people who think they're still living in the caveman ages. Either that or are in denial and take it out on the gays that are proud and able to accept their sexuality.
What are some teen books about gays? Or with gay characters?
And I mean teen books! Not adult sex books. Teen books like Geography Club or something. They can either be fiction nonfiction what ever lol The main character doesn't have to be gay... And it doesn't have to be like a romance or anything... I just want to read some good books featuring or about gays...

BTW I am gay... And sorry I phrased this question oddly
By Alex Sanchez (all of his books are awesome!):
- Rainbow Boys
- Rainbow Road
- Rainbow High
- The God Box
- Getting It
- So Hard To Say
- Bait

Brent Hartinger:
- Geography Club
- The Order of the Poison Oak

Nancy Garden:
- Annie on My Mind (About two lesbian girls, but I still loved it.)
Would you trust LIFEOUT dot com as a good teen dating site for gays?
I am young and like my men my age and like free websites. Just found a website called lifeout who have people from all walks of life. do you like it?
Contact your local gay center, gay help line and pflag.org for legit websites and social groups. Be safe
What celebrites or teen celebrites support gays?
Just really curious and i would like to know
Wanda Sykes (She recently came out and announced that she married a woman before Prop 8 was passed)
Rose Mcgowan, Drew Barrymore, Whoopi Goldberg (All attended Prop 8 protests)
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (Donated large amounts of money to combat Prop 8)
Courtney Love (Said in a blog that she voted against Prop 8)
Jack Black, Sarah Chalke, Craig Robinson, Maragaret Cho (Participated in a video which mocks the passing of Prop 8)
Cyndi Lauper (Organized the True Colours tour to fight for gay rights)
Tina Fey (Has spoken about supporting gay rights on numerous occasions)
Keith Olbermann (Gave an amazing, emotional speech on his show about the passing of Prop 8)
The B52's, Regina Spektor, The Dresden Dolls, Sara Mclachlan, Joan Jett (Participated in the True Colours tour)

Lesser known bands:

Tegan and Sara (Have spoken for gay rights on countless occasions. Tegan has participated in every L.A. Prop 8 protest that has occured since election day)
Northern State (Protested at New York City Hall)
The Gossip (Wrote a song about the struggle for gay marriage, "Standing in the Way of Control", and have supported various gay rights programs)
Circa Survive (Encouraged their fans to vote NO on Proposition 8)

I left out obvious celebrities like Ellen and Rosie.

Edit: I should add that Nicole Kidman is going to be playing a transsexual, with Charlize Theron as her lover, in a movie based off of a book, The Danish Girl. Also, Kirsten Stewart and Nikki Reed are going to be playing gay male prisoners in a movie called K-11. There isn't much info yet, but apparently Nikki Reed plays a middle-aged man and Kirsten Stewart's role is of a young man. So it's probably same to assume that these celebrities are open-minded when it comes to homosexuality.
Any teen gays from uk want to chat i would prefer someone near me?
im 17 and have a webcam if u want proff im real and would like the same :) leave me an msn add or somthing thanks x
just e-mail me here or on hot4u@live.com

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