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Do you know that many straight men wear satin bras and panties at work like I am right now?
I love the feel of women's satin panties and bras. I am a 44B due to a recent hormonal problem so I made the most of it and my wife is in full support. I am not alone, many married men are into this. Check your husband's hiding spots. LOL

I am a happy man.
I love the feel of satin panties and bras but of course they must coordinate and I don`t pretend to be straight.
What make men get excited when they look at women wearing Garter Belts and stockiing? Why Satin Bras is sexy?
Men love Satin bras and panties, but why they so obessed with it?
for men sex is a visual thing to start with. for women it is a heart thing
Do you feel bad that guys will never get to experience wearing satin undies and lacy bras?
or what its like to wear a pretty dress with stockings and heels ?

Not to mention never getting to try on and wear wedding dresses!
Don' t worry most of us have secretly tried the silly frilly stuff on. Sometimes more than once.
Hey Girls!! Lace or Satin Bra?I am going thru my bras & I have alot of old cotton ones & want to buy new ones!
What colors do you like?
if you want to feel luxury,pick Satin bras,and make sure of having a dark and a light one
Cami with satin shorts, bra needed and underwear recom?
I asked a question earlier, explain that I crossdress and am having a hard time deciding if I should sleep in nightie or satin shorts with cami. Most people recomended cami with satin shorts.

With the cami, do you have to wear a bra, or is the cami along ok?

Since the shorts are satin, what type of underwear would you recomend. Something sexy and cute?
when i wanna look sexy, i just wear a bra and a thong to bed.

But if your wearing a cami and satin shorts, no bra (unless ur planning on sex later in which case wear a lacey bra under it)
Also wear lacy underwear or a thong.
I totally love woman a lot (i'm not gay) but i still like wearing satin bras and panties?
is anything wrong with it? i only wear them when i masterbaute
I guess that if it gets you off than go for it! All i have to say that if you're serious than its pretty brave of you to post that one the internet.
Women only, if your man told he wanted to wear your satin bras and panties(he's not gay or bi) what would you
say? would you like it?
Fact: Most male cross dressers are not gay/bi.
Anyway I think I would be okay with it.
What age should (do you think) girls start wearing "sexy" bras?
Like frilly,silk and satin pushup bras
I don't think that girls should start wearing outrageous "sexy bras" until they are ready to have sex, assuming that you're talking about unconveniently frilly and unnecessarily sculpted ones. Those are bras that are only meant to be worn in the bedroom, and look ridiculous under any type of shirt.
However, I think there's a difference between "cute" bras and "sexy" bras.
Aerie and Pink sell bras with fun patterns and designs and polka dots that I think could be worn at any age.

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