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Neigbour grown mature woman punches a 22 year old pre adult in face?
Neibour punches son 3 x in face and kicks him where it counts?
our son was 5 houses away from ours and the neibour whom lives across the street, she is about 38 son is 22, son was a bit tipsy , this woman has always been nosey at our home whta goes on what doesnt, she has lived across the street with her husband for about 9 months now. she is 4 foot four or something to that effect our son is 5 :7, strong guy with disabiltys. mind and physical. (which neibour dont know)i was looking out the window, and she was running after our son, got in his face, chest to chest, he wouldnt hit her, but she ended up punching him the face 3 x and kicking him before her husband and i got out there. she made no sense what happened, but i did see her go after son. son said she was hiding behind a fence watching him, he wasnt impressed on her spying on him as he waited for a ride from a friend at the corner(not near her home at all) he ask her if she was peeing, being a sma. as she walked by after hitting him i replied we dont hit your guyren? says GOI
Wow I know you don't want the police involved but your son needs to have them involved so it does not happen again. She had no right to beat him noone does and since your dear son has disabilities I'd be keeping an eye on him to make sure he stays safe. Make sure when the police do arrive that they are the ones to inform her of your sons disablilities and that charges will be laid the next time she so much as lays a hand on him. It should make her leave him alone for good.
Mature Question for woman?
Mature Question for woman
Question Details: Why do my tampons cacth my urine when there always inserted right?

I go through about 20 tampons per cycle, I have to change mine everytime i pee.

Normal? something im doing worng? get it checked out?
You need to be sure you are inserting them far enough into the vagina and then hold the string out of the way when you urinate. Not sure how long your period is but 20 per cycle is really not that many since you need to change them every 4 hours.
(mature women only) Is this normal, just because of my age? or is it really supposed to happen?
im 14, and when i masterbate, it feels, (sorta) looks, and (almost) smells as if im peeing, but is this really pee, or is it just my age and not mature enough yet?

its different when im with my boyfriend...better. could the problem also be that i do not do it for myself? or not? please explain. thanks!
An orgasm can stimulate your urge to urinate.
If you notice, all of those nerves are in the same area.
The senastion of orgasm can trigger a small amount of urine.
It is not unusual, not related to your age, and nothing is wrong.

As for feeling different with your boyfriend...
Orgasms usually feel different from when you masterbate as to being
manipulated by a partner just because you touch yourself different than he touches you
so therefore you will respond different.
How can I use the lust I have for women to motivate me in other areas of my life?
All I do is go out chase women and pee my cash down the drain.

I do this because I LOVE women really I LUUUUUVE THEM!

So my question is ,

Is there a way I can channel my love for women into a more mature productive way of life?
Prostitution or escort work, become a gigolo, good career move
I want to know from only mature women only.?
I HAVE BIN TRYING TTC FOR 3 MONTHS NOW. Went to the doctor all is fine i even on the prenatal vtms for about one month now, never took any birth control in my life all natural. But now that i'm trying for a sibling with my hubby it has bin a little hard i think i have missed last month my ov day but any way, i would like to know for u women who ovulate , do see ue white or clear looking mucus if that what u want to call it mucus.) But last night we made love ,for the first time i did what some of u have recomende me to do . i put my legs up for a couple of minutes. But my question is today wheni went to the bathroom i seen some white clear suff come out when i finishe d peeing. I just want to know if that is the sperm coming down. I DID not get up after sex last night iwent to sleep and just wiped my kitty clean only on the otside not inside. I just want to know if any one has truly exp this before. and if u have gottin preganat on a none ov day. Evey lilttle story of ur s helps.
Im sure there were some sperm in that fluid you saw, however sperm live in your body with a "friendly" environment for up to 72 hours. I have had the same thing you did get up to pee and have to fluid like a milky white come out. Yep that would be the mans semen. Probably more semen came out then sperm. You can get pg on a non ovulation day, once the egg is released it has only about 12 hours to get fertilized so once you see the egg white cervical mucous you are about to ovulate. If you look at the ttc charts you need to have sex about 4 day prior to your ovulation until one day after ovulation. I hope this helps, it sounds like you did good my friend. If you missed it this month, giddy up next month. Baby dust to you.
Is it weird that the thought of women peeing and especially pooping turns me on?
I know this sounds discusting but please hear me out. There is something about ladies on the toilet or in the open peeing or pooping really turns me on. Just the thought of a lady straining drives me crazy. I would love a girl to poop in front of me as i think this is a huge fetish of mine. I know this is weird (and I apologise), but I want to know of anybody feels the same and whether this is overly 'weird' or not. Thanks
MATURE ANSWERS PLEASE - please no "ew that's gross"
Yes, it is rather odd. However, many people have many different fetishes and fantasies so one persons weird is another persons trip.
Mature Women and Girls Onlii Plz?
Ok umm well it kinda burns when i go to pee i changed soap that doesnt have citric acid and it kinda burn wen i pee any help???i cant go to the docotor bcuz my mom is out of town and i defintlay dont want my DAD to take me to the DR...and no i have neveer had a period!!
Ah, I am currently suffering the same discomfort. It's a bladder infection. Somethings to keep in mind: Lots of water and Pure Craneberry juice[the natrual kind with no sweetners]

Craneberry juice always knocks mine out within 48 hours; i just sip it allday long.

Then there are cranberry pills, which I haven't tired yet, infact I probably will today. So those might work haha.

Don't let it go too long without any treatment. If the discomfort becomes too much, you need to talk to your dad. Hes a dad, he'll understand. He wouldn't want you to be in pain.

Good luck, and feel better.
Only mature women please!!!!?
i have 2 guys already and im on birthcontrol but the kind i take lets you only have 3 peroids a year and i have been thinking i might be prego.i know all of the symptoms and i have had to pee more then usal but i also oticed a little whits stuff from my boobs. is this only when your prego or can you have it other times?thanks
I get white stuff from my boobs all the time especially when i am taking vitamin tablets.
TMI mature women only please?
ill be 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow. ever since i got pregnant even before i knew i was pregnant i have been having this long stringy discharge when i pee. only when i pee. it usually comes every other three days or the day after i have sex. sometimes its clear other times its white or a white cloudy color. it dont have a smell. i kno i dont have infections because my doctor checks for that everytime i go.
my question is, ladies that are pregnant or have been pregnant, has this happened to you? if it has is it normal?
i am askin my doctor about it when i go back the 23rd.
no rude comments plz
thank you
You can get lots of weird discharge while pregnant, just watch the odor/color.
House training a pup that never stops peeing?
Okay, I just asked this but apparently the information was misinterpreted and I really need the appropriate advice. I have a 3 month old Saint Bernard that we've only had for a week or so. I know this is nowhere near enough time to expect a puppy to be house trained, but there are some areas that don't seem right to me. We take him outside every hour (or more often) during the day, and every hour or so at night, and don't allow him to drink excessively but even after he has gone outside he pees in the house barely five minutes after coming back in. We keep him outside long enough for him to finish and he scratches and sniffs the door to come back in after he's done, but pees again shortly after. If we catch him in the act, we firmly tell him no and take him outside, then praise him after he finishes. We do not have a crate for him. I understand how crate training works (a small enough space will keep a dog from soiling his sleeping area, and will then hold it until you let him out) but that would NOT work for us, because our dog pees on himself regardless of having enough space to move away from the mess. He would only pee all over himself in a crate. It would be futile to box him up because the purpose of the crate is already defeated. I have caught him peeing in his sleep, so he doesn't even wake up, he just goes.

I have had a Doberman puppy that I trained this same way and it worked wonders. After the first few days of training, he would wake me up to go outside at night, and after my grandmother fed him a bowl of candy while we were out and he was dying, he still wanted to get up and go outside to use the bathroom. So I know I am an adequate trainer and understand the basics of training a new puppy. Our new Saint Bernard just seems to have an endless bladder and honestly never stops peeing. We would have to keep him outside all day to prevent any accidents.

On top of all of this, I am 19 weeks pregnant and trying to train him but he does not understand to follow me yet so I have to carry him outside. Any mature responsible person knows that a pregnant woman can only lift so much weight without it being a potential threat to her baby, so as this puppy gains more and more weight I am going to be less likely, and eventually incapable of physically carrying him outside. Getting up at night with him and taking him out is not a problem... carrying him to and from the back yard, however, is.

I have already seen a lot of progress in teaching him not to chew on things by telling him no and replacing it with a 'good' toy, like his rawhide or a similar chew toy, so I know he is capable of learning.

I need all the help I can get on how to train my puppy to both learn and follow me outside when potty time comes, and how to battle this excessive urination. You cannot potty train a puppy that never stops peeing without leaving him outside at all times, and I am not one to keep a pet that is merely for outside ornamentation. I want him to be a part of our family, inside. Help is really appreciated!!
ANy mature and responsible person knows that from everything you are saying this is a recipe for disaster and that someone who is 19 weeks pregnant and already using that as an excuse should not have got a giant breed puppy right now.

My best possible advice to you is to return this puppy to the breeder, tell them you made a mistake and wait until your baby is past the potty stage before considering getting another puppy.
The puppy is going to take as much time and effort and patience as your new baby will, can you really cope with both>?

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