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How should I approach a group of hot sexy group teens(girls)?
they are really hot.......(im teen)
with your dick hanging out
Unique, hot, cute sexy teen costume?(:?
heeey. well i need a reaallyy cutee
uniquee sexyy costumee, that iss still appropriate for a teeen(:
id like a picture if you can?
i dont careeeeee iff itss a makee itt yourselff or onee youu buyy eitherr(:
Sorry but sexy outfits and teens do not mix.
Can you not ask your mom ? She will help you but also keep it within the limits.
Unique, hot, cute sexy teen costume?(:?
heeey. well i need a reaallyy cutee
uniquee sexyy costumee, that iss still appropriate for a teeen(:
id like a picture if you can?
i dont careeeeee iff itss a makee itt yourselff or onee youu buyy eitherr(:
hey girrlll=) you could do what my friend is doing.. a cute /sexy fairy=)
- wear a tube top in any color that shows your tummy a little bit (or a lot hahah)
- wear a tutu with hot pink spankies or whatever underneath
- heels or whatever kind of shoe you want
- lots of glitter!
- straightened hair
- light pink eyeshadow with cat eye eyeliner that kind of spirals at the end if you know what I mean.. and lots of glitter there
- fairy wings!!

all done=)
good luck!! xx
Who is the hottest and sexiest teen actress now?
1-who is the hottest teen actress now, not 20 year olds, teen.
2-who is the sexiest " " " " "
Please put picture if possible.
Thank you.
Im a girl.
But Im gonna say
Selena Gomez for both…

She has natural beauty
I am looking for a hot n sexy site of beautiful girls?
I just don't like porn but i love to see hot and sexy gils/womens/teens. I love beauty. So do u know any site. hot sexy, seductive, sensous models. Even if it is a photograhers profile. I like the show america's next top models. There photoshoots are exellent. I like that likd of works.
Sexy and hot hairstyles for teen girls, please help!?
Hey! I am a brunette, with pale skin and blue eyes and I was wondering if you could think of some hot hairstyles that would suit me!! I have a cowlick, which isn't so great 'cos it means I can't have side swept bangs and a square-ish face. At the moment I have shoulder length brunette layered hair with regular bangs. I want to change my hairstyle 'cos I am really bored with my hair, because I can't do anything with it. I'm sick of only being able to tie it up in a ponytail, pig tails or leave it down. I can't tie it up in a bun, because it falls out all the time. Please help!!! I get really frustrated with my hair!!!! I have tried curling it, but that doesn't work either. I don't particularly like short hair (i.e pixie cut or bobs), because my hairdresser says it wouldn't suit me. I want something, fun, flirty and pretty. NO RUDE ANSWERS please!!!! Thank you!!!

BTW I have a MAJOR cowlick and a square-ish face. But I think I have already told you!! Sorry!!!

P.S Favourite celebs are Kiera Knightley, Rachel Bilson Leighton Meester etc (Kiera being my fave!)

Thank you very much 4 all your answers. And I dont want something that involves putting in a whole lot of sprays and conditioners etc. Something simple and sexy!!!
heres a hair style that i think would look cute, flirty, and sexy for you! (BTW, it would look better on a brunette anyway)…

hot, right? haha. so basically, it medium length hair, with lots of layers, and the basic bangs. i would straighten my bangs if i had my hair like this. cowlicks are manageable.
Teen Titans: how hot and sexy Raven's legs look?
doesn't matter if it's a cartoon or not! it doesn't have to be real to be sexy!
Dont you find it akward what if you asked if your avatar looks sexy when your teen, and old man says your hot?
I mean, that your a teen, and your avatari is in live action, and you ask, if you are sexy or have a great body. Then some old guy avatar, starts answering on hot hot you are and stuff, ist that akward?
its gross.
like this old man,
tell that im pretty.
that freaks me out.
i dont like it..
its akward..
soo gross!!

What is a good halloween costume for a teen girl that is hot but not too revealing?
i'm a 16 year old girl and i need a really good costume for halloween this year (2010). i wanna wear something that is hot/sexy but not too revealing. i'm fun, girly, and not too creative. haha. i don't want some lame streetlight or random thing as my costume. ohh and i would like to make my costume but if you can only find costumes online then that's fine. thanks for your help!
be a gypsy.

big colorful skirt white blouse lots of scarfs adn jewlyry
(TEEN GUYS ONLY) Do you think she's hot, sexy, beautiful or pretty/cute?…
Not at all.

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