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Does it annoy you that comcast TV listing guide shows you all the channels you don't get?
I hate seeing all those channels I don't subscribe to, especially find it rude to have to explain to my guys what the headline "real nude teens, hot wives, penhouse naughty, dirty nake beauties", etc, etc, means. I have complained to Comcast but they don't care. Why is it that this question might get deleted for reference to real nude teens but yet comcast can shove this in our faces and there is nothing that can stop them?
Judicious application of Duct tape?
Give me a list of options of being naughty with the following situation?
Your a 4 year old toddler having a brain of a 15 yr old teen and a mind of a pervert with a camcorder at your disposal. You've been left living in a mansion with 2 hot babysitters taking care of you for 3 months of summers. What are the options of being naughty and fun.
If you were sitting next to me I'd punch you in the balls. I also am counting down the seconds till this question is removed.
Wut r sum rly great dares for a group of teens (guys and girls)???
they can be, embarrassing,hot, naughty, funn, weird, intimidating or whatever, just give ideas or wut've you've done in the past,
daring 2 guys and 2 girls to have group sex lol JK dont do that
Why on earth are hot women having sex with young boys?
Cripes, I just red the whole Debra Lafave story and I'm lost for words. This is what, the third time in several years that a decent-looking teacher has had sex with a young teen boy? I'm not saying any of these women are good looking, in fact all of them have some visible flaws - but most of them definitely have the major points down when it comes to the "naughty" type of hot; All of these teachers had blonde hair, large breasts, and a naughty demeanor. They certainly couldn't model, but would get plenty of attention from all sorts of men just for hitting the important physical attributes.

Bearing in mind that these women aren't ugly - I'm certain that they could attract a great deal of men, and not with difficulty considering that men are usually pretty aggressive in pursuing women.

What on earth would make any of these teachers attracted to a young boy? Most 14 year old boys are simply not attractive by the standards that the females I know follow.
They were probably rejected/dejected by and with men. The young boys worship them and can "go all night". There's also the risk factor which creates adrenaline and makes it even hotter. Plus, they have control, which is probably something they never had with men.

It's a psychological quirk that we're starting to see more and more of. But the disturbing trend to me is that it does not seem "criminal" in most people's minds than how it does when the the teacher is male and the student is a young girl.

In those cases, we call for the man's head(s) but we snicker and laugh or even pity a woman involved in it.
Name any former major league players in any professional sport who have done time?
I can only think of Pete Rose and denny mcclain(cocaine) in baseball. I'm sure a few NBA and NFL players have at least
got probation for beating hell out of their wives(what is it about
Major League players that makes them want to smack their wives
around? The fame/ getting their butt kissed all their career?),
Wasn't there some female tennis player who got in hot water for
fooling around with a teen-age girl in the locker room(not sure if it was Billie Jean King or not)? Charles Barkley threw a fan through
a plate-glass window at a bar in Milwaukee once, but I think he got off that one. Prob a zillion one paternity suits over the years across
the board.

Any other "Bad" players you can think of?
Remember, female players can be and are naughty too!
Sammie Smith was a Florida State star, went on to a mediocre pro career as 1st round draft choice, then becamea drug dealer back in his hometown in Florida. Got a huge sentence (30 years comes to mind).

Ray Lewis was involved in two guys getting killed but didn't do time. Jamal Lewis set up a drug deal, if I remember at least the initial allegation and missed games while serving some penalty. Art Schlichter from Ohio State and a poor pro career has served time a fe w different times, and was on-the-run fugitive..

O.J. Simpson was found responsible for Nicole's death even though he was "not guilty."

Mike Tyson.

I really don't know any female athletes who got into major trouble (or minor trouble), probably because unless they are Jennie Finch, Natalie Gulbis or a few selected others, I don't care.
I myself don't know my problem............?
first i must tell, i've just stepped in my teen age.

there's a boy, i don't like but i love him. he's cute, hot, attitude, naughty and everything that i want. it's been like less than 1 month i know him. but we haven't talked with each other yet. in my class, before i get to know, my eyes just follow him.

but i don't know if i ever caught his attention that way. he looks back sometimes(i sit behind him), gets close to me and behaves like he didn't notice. i can just go to him and make friends with him, but i just can't and i don't know why........

everything has got messy these days and it's really hard to take. i know i love him but i'm really confused about if he also loves me. i don't have enough time cuz one of us will be going to army school next year.

thank you for reading and please tell me how i can know if he also loves me.
im sorry but he doesnt love u. and u dont love him, u dont know him enough or have liked him enough to love him, u just think hes hot. u dont know him as a person. u have to start talking to him, believe me i know hes hard, or at least let him know u like him by looking at him, smiling and eye contacting. he hasnt really done that much but his looking back and getting closer are signs he could like u so good job! but to answer ur question. yes, he could like u. but he doesnt love u, and u dont love him.
Why are sex ed lessons clincial and scientific instead of fun, passionate, affectionate as sex actually is ?
Why are sex ed lessons clincial and scientific instead of fun, passionate, affectionate as sex actually is ?

People dont have sex to make babies 99.9999% of the time...

its as so is so is sooooo hot you want to pounce on them and snog them all over, rip off clothes and make hot passionate sex with them , checking out all their sexy hot equipment, being naughty, playful, having fun pleasure, passion, snugglies, affection, love, getting close and feeling goood.

Its only usually when old and you are thinking about having a family you actually want to get pregnant.

so why not teach sex in that context as thats reality and teach hoe to do it safely...

and dont even start on the dont encourage, wrong message etc stuff as even if you try and hide it thats why people do it anywhy

And you expect guys to be honest when you aint.?

In european countires like Holland thats how they teach it and have some of the lowest std and teen pregnancy rates.

And they start te
i agree and more practicals.
TEEN TV SERIES!! what do you like in a trailer?
For my AS level Media Coursework I have to create a trailer for a TV series, aimed at teens, that will be shown on BBC3 on a friday night at 9. It's supposd to rival channel 4's dominance in this area, so basically rival Skins.
I'd like to know what you guys think makes a good trailer, any character ideas, even they're just stereotypes eg Hot guy, nerdy guy, quirky girl, whatevs :)
andddd anything naughty (but not too naughty) they could be getting up to in the trailer? They'd be about age 17, and it can't be as scandelous as Skins since it would be shown on the BBC.
Thanks x
ooo we made a teen drama tv show thingy similiar to skins, i just say make sure you include all the characters in the trailer, locations, and have a good storyline and just show clips of it or somethinggg? good luck :) xx
What the hell am I? (Wall o' text)?
I used to think about guys a lot when I was in my early teens, but then I kind of stopped noticing them. After the middle-school crushes stopped I don't think I thought much about sex. Whenever I went to a girl's house they would always have pictures of topless guys pinned up near their bed, which I just didn't get. Pictures of pretty people don't excite me, and never have. I still thought some guys were cute, but it didn't have as much to do with how “attractive” they were as I think is normal. I hardly think that way about anyone at all.

But then, last year, I was in a performance with this girl I liked. I didn't think “wait, we’re both girls,” I just that she was hot. In a sexual way. Which was weird for me, not because she was a girl, but because I'd been all asexual for so long and now I was thinking naughty thoughts in rehearsals. The performance happened and I sorta forgot all about it.

I switched high schools, from a small rural one to an urban one. There's a girl in one of my classes I can't stop looking at, but I don't think I feel sexually about her, it's just that she's fricking gorgeous.

There is a lesbian at the new school who likes me, but I don't think she's attractive and don't have any classes with her. A while later another lesbian (I didn't know ANY lesbians at the old school btw, although my best kind was gay, they shut down the GSA because no one came to meetings) told me the one who liked me really liked me which I hadn't actually noticed yet. We were talking on the busride to a field trip, and she asked if I was gay or something. I said I was straight. She said “Really?!” all surprised, and I remembered that girl I’d performed with and the one in my class and also this hot androgynous person I don't know the gender of and said “well, I've liked some girls, but…”
“Aha, so you’re bicurious.”
I hadn't been, but I said “I guess…” and started wondering.

I thought to myself “it’s only been two girls…” but then I remembered how many guys I was interested in. So I tried the easiest “do I like girls” test, trying to fantasize about having sex with and looking at pictures of naked girls. Didn't work. Then I remembered about a month later that I don't fantasize about guys either. And then I started noticing girls more. And I feel like I'm faking or being trendy.

Why are you so concerned with labelling yourself? Just be who you want to be. Nothing we say is going to change what you love, what you're attracted to, what you care about, or who you are; so why even put any stock in what we "label" you as?
Umm.. What anime is tis' called? Dx?
There are two main characters-

One is a guy like or teen guy, he has a red or black hair and he is partnered with a turquoise haired girl she seems to be a guy or in her early teen.

There are several monsters and creatures in this Anime, and I think they evolve.. much like Pokemon and Digimon

They have a grandfather and have a house that opens and everytime they have to leave, they ride on a roller coaster.

There's a villain, and he is effeminate I think, and he holds a rose, also he has two female bodyguards that are slightly naughty and impish, they also have a robotic-kind-of-house, and they have to ride a roller coaster every time they leave their house to go to a new adventure.

The only scene I remember was like, they were doing this demonstration that they put hot water in a glass, then they removed it and put on ice cold water, then the glass exploded or something like that @- @

Please.. help... me ;w ;
Last time I saw this anime, I was like 9, I'm 13 now <3
This will bring back so much memories.. Dx

Thank yew guys!! >w <!!
i've been searching everywhere for a half an hour trying to find this anime! It sounds kind of familiar but i can't get the name anywhere D:
Did you see this on tv? what channel?

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