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Why are BLACKS such a hot topic when the issue of race comes up?
Seriously... why are people in general so obsessed with/fascinated by blacks?

Why is it almost impossible to talk about racial issues without Blacks or some comparison to blacks coming up?

Why are blacks who are only 12% of the U.S. population and a small percent of the overall world population such a big deal?
Whites have always been obsessed with blacks. Think about it...The KKK was formed when blacks were even LESS than 12%....What were they afraid of....................?
Have u tried green and blacks hot chocolate?
It tastes nasty but i like the 70% green and blacks dark chocolate yum
yer it tastes a bit strange
Where are the hot spots for blacks at USF to hangout and party other than Ybor City?
Looking for a good place to meet girls outside of the classroom
Why do you need to be segregated?
Why did blacks evolve on the hot continent of Africa?
and why did whites evolve in the colder climes (White reflects heat, black absorbs it) therefore it seems that whites should have eevolvedin the hotter climate since their skin will reflect more heat.
Because that's the way they evolved, it's their adaptation to a hot climate.
What is the difference between a hot black body and a cool black body?
A. The hot black body radiates less intensely at shorter wavelengths but more intensely at longer wavelengths.
B. The hot black body has a larger mass.
C. The hot black body radiates more intensely at all wavelengths.
D. The hot black body has a larger radius
E. The hot black body radiates more intensely at shorter wavelengths but less intensely at longer wavelengths.

I guess E but I think I'm wrong. Which one is the correct answer?
I agree with C. Here's why. Let's say the cold black body is only warm enough to make infrared. Let's say it's glowing with 100 watts of infrared. Now, let's say you heat it up. One, it will glow visible light (shorter wavelenghts). Two, in infrared it will be even brighter (like 200 watts).
What is the difference between room temperature and hot black tea? Is room temperature just as strong?
I was wondering if my black tea cooled to room temperature because it sat out for too long, what would be the difference between drinking it hot? Would it be just as strong (as in would it make me feel just as awake as if I had drank it hot)?

Also, does the strength of black tea wear off as time goes by?

The strength of tea depends how long you keep your teabag in the water or how many bags you put. Tea doesn't really infuse in non-hot water. Once you take the teabag out of the water, the strength of the tea is the same hot or cold.
Who was the hot black chick who performed during the pro bowl half time show?

Yet another shi-t-t-y halftime show produced by the NFL. BUT who was the smoking hot black chick who performed with that tool of a guy?

She is DAMN HOT! The things I would do to her...

But who is that? Thanks!
Do the All Blacks still have a hot shower together after a good, hard game. The way the good old boys used to?
Do they still go out for a friendly drink and a chat about how their day went before hitting their hotel rooms and turning in?
Apparently since HIV became an issue, sex in the showers has become unpopular. It was a common way of upholding the hierarchy between senior and junior All Blacks up until about 1988.
Why are hot Black girls more down to earth than others?
Like hot White and Asian girls are usually b!tchy, but Black girls like this are more down to earth and fun to be around…

Like these types aren't mean. Where I live, the pretty White and Asian girls are in cliques and are mean to others, but the pretty black girls are nice to people and funner to be around.
I do not think this is racist.

This is an observation.

Being caucasian I am uncertain but will make a stab at it.
The white girls are less secure about their status so they need the support of others.
The black girls are more confident and can allow themselves to be more natural
Why do you see so many HOT black guys with fat white chicks?
I'm a white girl, and i'm not super skinny, I have a booty, but guys seem to like my body, but i wouldn't say I'm hot. I have noticed that alot of really hot black guys with fat white girls. Don't get me wrong a girl should be chubby, and a bit of fat is sexy. I have seen so many pretty chubby girls with a personality to match, but I'm talking obese. What's with that.
because the white men i mean women that black men are with are usually the ones that white men don't want. and asian girls won't even touch that with a ten foot long pole

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