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Where is my knight in ebony armour?
What has he done to me...
There are no Knights any more. 'Sniff sniff'
Looking for Medieval patterns for decorative painting?
Hello everyone

I seem to have offended some members by asking the same question in French yesterday. So let me try in English this time and see if the answers are more positive!!!

I'm looking for Medieval patterns ex: knights in armor, medieval tavern, country scene but no coat of arms please. If someone out there has such patterns ans would be willing to share I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thanks for taking the time to read me and have a grand day everyone.

I would check Dover publishers. They have books of all kinds of decorative arts - stencils, cross stitch, clip art, costumes and designs.
Elder scrolls quiz whoever gets most right gets best answer?
1.Which one is not a Daedric Prince. A. sheogorath B. Mehrunes Dagon C. Akotosh D. Molag Bal

2. Which is not a sword in oblivion. A. Wits splinter B. Blade of Dagon C. Red Wave D. Ebony blade

3.Which city chapel gets attacked by Umaril's auroran warriors in the beginning of knights of the nine. A. cheydinhal B. Anvil C. Skingrad D. Bruma

4. In which guild do you see the giant slaughterfish. A. Dark Brother hood B. Fighters Guild C. Thieves Guild D. Mages Guild

5.In the beginning of the game what is the name of the dark elf in the opposite cell of you A. Valen Dreth B. Tiber Septim C. Baurus D. Amata

6.After the completion of the arena quests what is the name of the person who wants to follow you around A. Anoying fan B. Stupid fan C. Adoring fan D.Humble fan

7.There were origanally ___ Divines A.7 B.8 C.9 D. 10

8. How many oblivion gates are there A.30 B.40 C.50 D.60

9. Who are the masters of magika A.Dark elf B.Wood elf C. Argonian D. High elf

10. what is your favorite race argonian, red gaurd, dark elf, wood elf, orc, high elf, imperial, kaghiit, Nord,Breton
This is more about oblivion than TES in general, but okay :)

2.Dagon has no "blade"... he has a razor (dagger though)
3.Chapel of Dibella, in Anvil
10. Bretons (go mages)
I have nothing to do in Oblivion?
I did all the guilds, all the quests that are big, and all of the main quests. I downloaded and completed Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine, but what do I do now. I want to keep a low infamy, so I can use the -name- of the crusader, so I cannot go on a kill spree. Can anyone give me something to do? I'm level 21, with full daedric and Glass and ebony armors and duplicates.
Try to do all the achievements.

or maybe play a different game? lol
Try out Dragon Age: Origins, freakin awesome!

Edit: check these things out:
Ideas for good armour in oblivion?
Well, I can either go on a quest for them, enchant some ebony (or daedric soon-just need to find some), or do something else. so any good ideas? i want it to be better then the armour given by knights of the nine, crusader armour. also, sigil stones arent outta the question. i get the best ones (transcendant i think)
so any ideas are appriciated!!:)
Get 100 heavy armor for the perks and enchant a full set of Daedric armor to wear.
Can someone provide me with some suggestions and tips too make this Yu-Gi-Oh deck better?
Legendary Flame Lord

Gemini Elf

Magician of Faith * 2

Archfiend Soldier

Armed Dragon LV3,5,7

Raging Flame Sprite

Ebony Magician Curran

Senju of a thousand hands

Mystical Swordsman LV2,5,6

Stealth Bird

Freed the Matchless Genral

White Magician Pikeru

Princess Curran

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Mataza the Zapper

Sonic Bird

Pitch Black Warwolf

Chainsaw Insect

Black Luster Soilder

Insect Knight

Snipe Hunter

Cannon Soldier

Goblin Attack Force

Mausoleum of the Emperor

Trial of the Princesses

Change of Heart


Mystical Space Typhoon* 2

Incandesent Ordeal

Tribute to the Doomed

Black Luster Ritual

Soul Exchange

Reninforcement of the Army

LVL Modulation

Snatch Steal

Call of the Haunted

Compulsory Evacution Device

Rope of Life

Magic Jammer

Torrental Tribute

Dust Tornado

Enchanted Javelin

Sakurtesu Armor

Royal Writ of Taxiation
If you're going to have a cannon soldier in there, you need a few scapegoats, and with scapegoats, I would say either a D. Tribe or a DNA surgery and a Five-Headed Dragon and to sub your Gemini elf with a luster dragon (that way you can either use scapegoats for cannon soldier's effect or turn them into "scapedragons" and fuse 4 of them with some other dragon to get yourself a 5000 ATK monster first turn)
My unfinished poem?
It's still to be made longer and I'm gonna change a bit because it contradicts itself but this is my unfinished poem, what do you think?

With foreign thoughts
and singing sword,
the knight of old
went abroad

His ebony skin,
his ivory hair,
he rode upon
the queen of the mares

His lips did not move
not to speak a word,
a vow once taken
his voice not since heard

He traveled till
his locks were long,
he traveled not
to right a wrong

He traveled till
his voice was hoary,
he traveled not
for fame or glory

He traveled till
he was old and wise,
he'd traveled because
the free bird flies

He opened his lips,
"cellar door" he said,
he'd broken his vow
because now he was dead
That;s great! I think you could tweak it here or there to make it flow better, but other than that - excellent!
I particularly like the 6th stanza 'he'd traveled because the free bird flies' ( =
My now finished poem. What do you think?
I previously posted my unfinished poem. I've know finished it and this is it. If you feel it doesn't flow well please include where you feel it doesn't and how you think it could be improved. Thanks

With foreign thoughts
and singing sword
the knight of old
went abroad

His ebony skin,
his ivory hair,
he rode upon
the queen of the mares

His lips did not move
not to speak a word,
a vow once taken
his voice not since heard

He traveled till
his locks where long,
he traveled not
to right a wrong

He traveled till
he'd forgotten his name,
he traveled not
for glory or fame

He traveled till
he sighed at reflections,
he traveled not
for a woman's affections

He traveled till
he was old and wise,
he'd traveled because
the free bird flies

He opened his lips
"cellar door" he cried
he'd broken his vow
and with that he died
Some verses are much better than others - I hear some desperate rhyming in places (second verse for example)
Whereas the first verse works well because you've said things in it that are unique to you and the rhyme fits naturally.

I like the "He travelled till"- verses, because they convey the passage of time (reflections/affections - a bit contrived)

I have no idea what 'cellar door' means....but heck, a man's first utterance after a life-time of silence would be weird.

My advise - leave out, or change His ebony skin verse.

Keep writing.
Best spells for my Blood Elf Death Knight?
my dk is lvl 73 currently, and i need more spells for her, i dont have a healing spell like my blood elf, she has holy light, but i dont have a healing spell on my death knight, so whenever an ally tried to kill me i die. -.-, i have death strike but it doesnt really help. well its because its rank 1, so i guess i should go back to ebony hold and get more spells. but any suggestions? also i need really good holy spells like attacks ppl and protection, etc....FOR THE HORDE!
DKs does not get healing spells, but abilities that heal you just a little. You will have to learn to survive without a healing spell. Do this by using your CCs. Like chains of ice, death grip. When you are facing a spell caster i recommend you use your anti magic shield. Just look through your spell book and see what might be good for what scenario and put them to a hotkey.

There is no such thing as holy spells for DKs. Keep in mind that every class is different, and have their pros and cons.
Help on Interracial attraction?
i need some help from my sistas. for everyone else please just go about your business and keep your rude comments to yourself. i am in my early 30, educated and attractive. My problem lately is that i have really found myself being attracted to white men. I have no intentions on dating them because i am still looking my black knight, but i just want to know if any other ebony women feel the same way? i know that this may seem stupid, but i want to know if this is natural or if this is just me. Once again, if you have something ignorant to say, please keep it to yourself.
Thomas F you're a loser.
Anyways, It is totally natural for you to feel this way.
I mean I am black just like you and I am attracted to white men too and most people would be like wahh ?
Lol, so I don't find it strange, especially the kind of place I live, there isn't a lot of black people around anyways.
Don't worry though !
I would not be scared of who you are attracted to.
It is natural and I would just go with it ;)
I also don,t see a problem with dating outside the black race
I hear a lot of people get scrutinized for that, like the weird looks, etc.
It can be hard but I mean it you are attracted to different races why not !
So just go for it =)

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