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How do I get the green out of my hair from using a "ash"color hair rinse.?
I have ebony relaxed hair. I use bold beautiful hair color (rinse) light ash brown to cover my gray hair. I accidentally used dark ash brown which left my hair color too dark. I then used the light ash brown which turn my hair green. Can anyone tell me how to get the geen out without damaging my hair any further.
Toner alone (without developer) won't damage it any further. It will layer more color on, and you need to be under a dryer for 10 minutes for it to saturate the hair shaft. To get the green neutralized, you may have to use a red/golden base toner.

You may need to see a professional.
Has anybody ever seen a 2006 Jade Green Metallic Acura RSX Type-S with black (ebony) interior?
If so please send me pictures of it to my email. And if it's for sale please send me the link to where I can find it. Thanks (david_ag09@ymail.com)
I don't think ebony came as an interior color option for Jade green metallic, I've only seen it in titanium.
Can you tell me the name of ebony cute actresses and singers?
And i would like to know the name of the girl on the clip take yo there . sean kingston. She looks like meagan good with green eyes.
I don't know what your meaning of ebony is, these women are who come to mind:
Kerry Washington, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Megan Good, Jada Pickett Smith, Sanaa Lathan, Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Nia Long, Nicole Ari Parker, Lauren London, Ashanti, Rihanna, Regina King, Jennifer Hudson, Tracee Eliss, Janet Jackson

Will this work or will my hair go green?
Planning on using ebony black semi permanent hair dye over previously blond highlighted hair.

Will it turn green?

Thanks for your answers :)
My mate has blond highlighted hair and I use semi permanent dye's on her all the time.

It should be fine =)
Cute names for a black cat with golden green eyes. Any suggestions?
I like black widow or ebony but other than that i'm stumped.
How about:

Bastet (Egyptian Cat God)


And I agree with the other people who have suggested Salem. I think that is a great name.
Will seeds of dried fruits still grow when planted?
Dried ebony plum and green plum still have their seeds intact. Given that they are planted in an environment optimum for their growth, will they still grow? Or do the processes the dried fruits undergo affect the seeds' ability to grow?
The seed can germinate if the fruit was ripen. The seed must be viable.

Although most of the fruit and nut trees do not bear fruits true to variety when propagated by seeds, seeds may need to be planted in order to get the understock on which to propagate the wood of better varieties. Certain treatments need to be given to most of the seeds in order to get them to germinate. In some cases, a hard seed-coat may hinder germination. One of the following three treatments will usually make the seed-coats permeable to water: (1) soaking in sulfuric acid, (2) soaking in hot water or immersing the seed for a short period in boiling water, and (3) mechanical scarification.

best of luck
What 2 colors of wood stain would be complimentary to each other?
I am staining the rough wood paneling on the wall of my guest bathroom. I already started by staing every other slat in Antique Walnut by MinWax. I was considering an ebony color but now think that it may be too dark. A friend suggested something with a reddish tone to it. The theme of the bathroom is jungle/tropical and has green granite counter tops and white trimming throughout.
I often see sharply contrasting woods used together, like Teak(dark) and Holly (light) or Mahogany (dark) and Ash (light). I always thought that looked nice.

Since you are looking for two colors, you have a choice of a monochromatic scheme, using the same stain, but staining some wood panels darker than others, or contrasting colors, with dark and light stains.

Good Luck

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