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Well my date went this cute chick went ok im not sure whether to ask her out again or not? should i?
so i took your peoples advice and brought this sweet honey to the beach for our first date earlier today. she was nice and ooked cute in her bikini, but when i asked her if she wanted to go swimming or surfing, she said no. i love surfing and the beach is a big part of my life, but shes afraid of the water. is that reason enough not to ask her out again because she is a hottie?
I think you should still give her a chance, she might have just felt akward in front of you or something.
Does anyone out there know someone who designs womens swimsuits?
i hate swimsuits these days they are made for skinny chicks... while im not plus sized im not barbie either.... i prefer one piece swimsuits to 2 pieces bc we go to the lake alot and tube and are very active on the water...but why is it that all the one piece swimsuits are ugly or black or blue... i wanna know someone that i could input my ideas to... they should also make them with bras thats the most important place... i know there are some out there but the are so ugly all the bikinis are cute patterns and have padded cups.... why cant they make one pieces the same way?
Juicy Couture in Neiman Marcus, thats where I found them. But mine was 675.00 if your willing to spend that money!
Help from hot girls on this?
I go to the beach and hit on hot chicks in their bikinis all the time. But I've had 3 different honeys, 2 blonde chicks in high school and college brunette babe, all with unreal as*es that slapped the crap out of me and used the same move!!! They gasped, gave a cute look, shoved out their left hip and put their left hand on their hip and flipped their right hand out and slapped my face!!!! Then they called me a creep when I had my hand on my cheek cuz their right hand smack left their handprint on my cheek! I thought I was too fast though! I'm not when girls use this move. This move leaves me frozen with my mouth open so I CAN'T block this move! I don't know how to! This move sucks! It's impossible to figure out! I watched her cute look, hip out and hand on her hip, so wtf girls? Come on, a player needs your help against this move for real! Do any of you know it/had to use it? What's the trick to it? None of what I would do to block it works when bikini chicks use that move to humiliate guys! I even asked a few guys I know and 2 have had it used on them too and admitted they can't figure out how to block it either cuz they both got their faces slapped by it too!!!! Uuuugggggghhh, damnit!
How is it possible that you can describe this problem in such great detail,
yet absolutely CANNOT figure how to block a simple slap?

Is anyone else watching The Best of Marilyn Chambers 3 on HBO right now?
It's so horrible. That's what I always hated about growing up. As a guy, you think you've found some good sex material at your local Blockbuster or Hollywood video and then they don't show any penetration. Then you grow up later on and find that it's called softcore and it's not even porn, not even close. Better off w/ those cute bikini type flicks that you could rent. The chick in this one on tv looks like the chick who used to be in Troma flicks, like Tromeo and Juliet.
So what does your rant have to do with soap operas?
Should i wear panties if my gf wants me to?
we have been together for a year - live together that is. this morning, my gf asked me to wear panties. I was surprised, but I said OK. they are a cute VS bikini. surprisingly they are like guys briefs, just snugger. anyway, so we were out shopping today and she wanted to go to VS to buy panties, but it turns out for me. she got one of the really hot VS sales chicks to help her pick out some bikinis and thongs for me. They both really thought it was quite something asking me what colors and styles I liked.

so, my gf wants me to get rid of my boxers and wear nothing but the bikinis and thong undies she bought for me. I should say, they really are cute undies and I don't mind.

girls, have you ever asked your bf to wear panties. should I. what happens at the gym when I change and am wearing a cute little bikini or thong. I do love my gf, btw and don't mind.
That's kinda cute. My advice would be that you should keep some guy underwear to wear to the gym. Otherwise...if your girl like the undies, and you like the undies...rock them like they were made for you!
Quick effective teen belly fat loss?
um this sounds really stupid but i am 13 and i ahve a pocket of fat on my stomach. i only weigh around 95lbs, i am 5'3", and im slender i guess. i have just developed stomach fat. and its horrid. at the end of summer i was about 105 lbs but i have lost some weight since. this summer i didnt go on any trips as normal and stayed cooped up in the house eating chips and lying down a lot. i made a huge mistake, but over the last year the fat developed too. i am going to be running around a lot and i wish so bad i could wear a bikini without looking like a fugly fat chick. i just converted to being a vegetarian and i exercise a little... i really need you guys to help me get that cute bikini at pacsun. please please tell me how i can effectively rid my midsection of all fat. thigh fat loss wouldnt hurt either. thanks so much :/
it's not stupid.…
(link-scroll down for more excercises.)
okay so im having this pool party in a week and my friend bought this amazingly cute bikini! the problem? she friken looks like a hermaphrodite in it! (chick with a dick hhah) i think she has like a saggy something or a horrible cameltoe! what do i do?! i dont want her to be embarassed in front of all the guys! but i dont exactly want to tell her the truth either.... AHH! lololol
poke a hole in her bikini and tell her that her dick is hanging out of it LOL
k! guys, listen up!
im going to the beach tomorrow morning in hampton.
my dad, a few of his friends and me and my brother are going,
how would i impress a guy if i seee one that really cute or hot.?!
its just i dont want to make a fool outta myself and watch some other chick take him. sooo answer quickly!
Simple. Dont be a lamo that just lays and tans the entire time. Get out into the water and wade/boogie board, im sure boys will be out there. Or build a sandcastle and ask boys nearby to help you make an awesome kick a** fort. They'll be attracted to your activeness and playfullness.
Please let me know what u think of my story? I just started it.?
“Why does he have to be so damn cute?” I asked, closing my locker and leaning against it, smiling, and tilting my head, staring at Danny.
“Because he’s a jock,” Emma says. Emma is one of my best friends. She’s short and pale with long curly read hair and freckles on her cheeks. She is cute and very smart.
“He’s walking over here. Oh my god. How do I look?” I say, straightening up and fixing my hair. Emma tells me I look perfect, and I take her word for it.
“Hey, Selena,” Danny says, flashing his amazing smile.
“Hi, Danny,” I say.
“So, you coming to our football game tonight?” he asks.
“Yeah, I was thinking about it.”
“Cool. Well, a bunch of us are going out to eat afterwards. You want to come with us?” he says.
“Totally!” I say getting all excited. “I mean, yeah. Sure.”
“Cool,” Danny said. “See you then”
“Bye” I say, and as soon as he walks away, I start giggling and telling Emma how excited I was.

When I got home from school, I went upstairs to my room to figure out what I’m going to wear. Daisy, my baby sister, was lying on our bed, hugging her stuffed animal.
A few minutes later, I went downstairs to make myself a sandwich. In the living room, Cody my stepbrother was flipping through the channels on T.V.
I make my sandwich and sit down next to him, holding my hand out.
“May I?”
“Whatever,” he says, handing me the remote.
I flip through the channels, and before I find something I like, my other, more annoying stepbrother Logan comes down and snatches the remote away.
“Do you have ANY manners at all, Logan?” I ask.
“Nope,” he says, slamming down next to me. He changes the channel and puts on wrestling instead.
Logan is sixteen years old like me, but he’s four months older. I think the worst part of my mother getting married to John is the fact that I have to suffer life with Logan. I mean, Cody’s not even as bad as him. Sure, he is occasionally gross. But he’s only eleven.
Logan is everything I hate in a guy. He is rude, immature, noisy, and has no respect at all.
Pretty much the exact opposite of myself.

After five minutes of watching wrestling, Selena finally got irritated enough and left. It was just me and Cody, so I changed it to the channel where they show hot chicks in bikini’s.
But then, Dad and Karen walk in, so I quickly flip to some sports channel.
“Hey guys,” Dad says.
“Selena. Daisy, come down!” Karen shouted upstairs. Immediately, Selena rushed downstairs, Daisy following right behind her.
“Hey, Mom. Hey, John. Whats going on?” Selena asks.
“Guess what? Your cousin Alex is moving here from New York!” Karen shrieks.
“Yay!!!” shouts Daisy, “I love Alex. She’s the coolest!”
“Oh no, not another Selena,” I say.
“Trust me, she is NOTHING like me. The exact opposite, actually.” Selena adds. I don’t believe her though. This ‘Alex’ girl is probably another neat freak, know-it-all too.
“When’s she coming? When’s she coming?” Daisy says jumping up and down.
“Next Friday!” Karen says, happily.
"Oh, man." Selena and I say at the same time.
Sorry, but it's awful. There's too much telling, not much showing. It's going too fast. Slow it down by adding some descriptions about the surroundings.
Instead of: Emma is one of my best friends. She’s short and pale with long curly read hair and freckles on her cheeks. She is cute and very smart.
Try: Emma, one of my best friends, is a short girl with red curly hair that seems to glow in the sunlight because of her pale skin. Her face was sprayed with bright red freckles.
I'm 4'11", 100 pounds and have an athletic/hourglass build, but I am pale...I have pale skin...but it's olive tone...not the blue tone. I also have turquoise eyes and light auburn/orange hair with some freckles (I'm not a redhead tho o__0).
I live in California and it seems that more girls than ever are tanning than before! I feel awkward because I really don't care to tan :/
But if the girl is thin and shapely, is it ok or is it still gross?
Does anyone think it's kinda cute if a pale girl wears a bikini...or do only tan chicks look good in them?
Thanks ^^
I myself find pale skin attractive and I'm sure many others do as well sunbathing makes skin age faster and can cause skin cancer.

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