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What is this song in this video Sexy CheerLeader College Babe Booty Dance *** Shaking Strip Naked Undies Thong?… is the link to look it up..i really like to know the song its sexy this is a real video and there is a real song on it...if anyone can help me find the artist and name of song thank you in advance
im sorry i coudnt the site there was an error but u can always see that go to a strip club...
Who's the dark-haired college babe on the Butterfinger Crisp commerical ?
The commericial where that butterfinger finger draws the afro on the chalkboard and Mt. Rushmore behind the teacher ...
My girlfriend.
Pros and cons of having a babe while being a full time 19 year old student at college?
i just want the pros and cons because i might be pregnant and it wasn't planned did us protection but it broke.
if this question was being asked when not pregnant it was quite simple: there are no pros whatsoever for having a baby as a 19 year old student at college. In case you really are pregnant the decision is a purely ethical one. You cannot think about having a baby or not like you'd consider whether to get a commodity or not.
What are the best places to hook up with sweet college babes that are into my bro the Obaminator?
If you know of a place - don't hoard the info bro. This babes have to appreciate the Euro stylings of the VW love bus.
Dude! Like, the best place is in the lobby of abortion clinics. You're sure to pick up some chicks that put out there. Totally gnarly dude.
Was Hillary a babe in College? Here is a photo?…
hardly not,I'll bet she could see pluto with those glasses.
How can i make a girl turn on when visiting in her college bus?
I just wanna impress this smokin hot babe. Shes not from my college though,thats why i have to visit her at her college bus.Im desperate about her, so plz any girl can help me?I will be grateful to all of u. THANX.
Try talking to her, if impressing her is all you can think of doing then I think you may have a few more years of maturing before you should go for relationships.
Do you think this kind of stuff happens in college football?
Here's the scenario: A college plays a bigger-name school, and is predicted to certainly lose....even though the game is being played on their home field. Bigger-name school comes in the night before. The guys (players) all hit town. And even though it's a small city, it is afterall, a college town....with a lot of hot college babes...(follow me?)

Some of the hot college babes hit on the other team's players, ask them to "party" with them, and promise them a good time. They make it impossible for the poor slobs to turn them down. Now, you figure out the rest.....

Could these situations possibly be set up in order to tire the players of the opposing team, thereby putting them at a disadvantage the next day when they play?
Visiting teams are pretty shut down when they come into other team's towns due to curfew, meals together,practice, etc. Never will happen.
I need a college wit babes near indiana?
i need a college with frat parties and such i was thinking of ohio university. Any suggestions? and i need detail on how to get into beta houses and stuff i wanna get hooked up there u know. needa find connections help me out please
No man, Ohio STATE University. Thts where the s*** is at.

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