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What can I do as a teen to prevent boob sagging as an adult?
Haha, weird question I know, but I want firm non saggy boobs as long as I can
Hey Hali,

Sorry but there is absolutely zero evidence that wearing a bra (of any kind) prevents or reduces sagging - the answers suggesting this as the solution are simply wrong. If anything studies show that wearing a bra less can help maintain a better shape for longer - breasts are supported by ligaments, and like all ligaments if they need to work they strengthen, if they never work they weaken. Wearing a bra all the time means they never work - wearing a bra less means they need to work, so you can maintain a better shape.

Fact is though all breasts sag sooner or later, it's their natural shape, so I encourage you not to worry too much about it! :) Common causes of sagging are pregnancy, significant weight fluctuation and natural aging... out of those the only thing you can really control is don't keep putting on 70lbs and then losing it again! Sorry there's no maricle solution, but these are the facts... as I say though try not to stress about it, I promise it's not a big deal! Stay smiley! :)
Is this a good boob size for a teen?
34C for a good boob size for a teen?
ya, gives me a hard on just thinkin bout it :D
What do you think about cute/pretty teen girls getting boob jobs?
18 and 19 year olds I mean...or 17 with parents permission in some states I guess. To look sexier...I'm kinda not sure...on the one hand if you are already cute, why mess with nature, but on the other hand they are pretty sexy I have to admit...
I mean I know A LOT of guys like it...but when it comes down to it if a girl had naturally big boobs they'd like it I wouldn't get them...manly because my boobs are a D and still growing....but yeah natural looks better even though I actually don't think that fake boobs look too bad...just not extreme
How many other teen girls or any girls like to facesit or boob smother people for fun?
Im way inro wrestling and smothers and I got some friends that are into it too, so I'm wondering who else out there likes to do it.
thats not wrestling thats just a good time.
Will my boob development be affected by me being a teen vegan?
I try and ear healthy, and i mostly likely will still be a vegan regardless:P
Since boobs are mostly fat, it may, because you are not eating foods that have fat in them and just barely getting the calories you need to develope properly.
Teen girls should be eating a balanced diet for substancial growth.
Do the vegetarian thing after you are done growing.
Do you really have to get a breast cancer scan where they squeeze your boob before you are as a teen.?
I heard that you do and that they squeeze it so hard that it never goes back to how it was before. Is this true?
Your question is a little hard to understand. You're asking about mammograms. Teenagers don't have mammograms - young women's breast tissue is too dense for mammograms to be a useful diagnostic tool, and there is no need for teenagers to have breast cancer screening as breast cancer is almost unheard of in under 25s.

Mammograms are routine for women over 50 in the UK and over 40 in the US.

Of course they don't squeeze your breast so hard ' that it never goes back to how it was before'. There would be an awful lot of women walking around with strangely shaped breasts if they did. Mammograms can be uncomfortable, even a bit painful sometimes, but they don't damage the breasts. And if your a teenager you don't have to be concerned about them for many years yet
Did the boob tip will be sharp for teen ages and something diferent for mothers?
my boob tip is no so tip...i heard that there is some deficiency so that it is not it so
in teenage the nipples are new and so pink in color pointing hard when stimulated
but during pregnancy becomes dark in color and during breast feeding slightly big in size
and shape is also changed
How do i slow my teen boobs growth down?
I just terned 12 and in 2 weeks i went from a flat chest to a 10c i don't want big boobs because my 13 y/o friend has E boobs and has back probs and my Mum has H cup boobs so i am worried?
you can stunt them by wearing a bra while you sleep but you cant really stop them from growing.
I am a teen, i have a bigger left boob than right. is this normal?
I have read and i am pretty sure this is normall..i had started my period about a year and a half ago its not that noticeable, but the more i think about it the more it bothers me thinking about it so muchh doing something?
It's absolutely normal - and I'm sure it's far more noticeable to you than anyone else. One reason for a larger left breast is that most people are right handed and therefore build more muscle under the right breast and therefore have less fat there than the left.
How to make my teen boobs bigger?
I am 12 and i want to make my boobs bigger i asked on something else an someone said put cooked wet rice in your bra all day and slap them until they are red at night and i went from an A cup to a DD but there still not as big as all my friends so i want them bigger any other ideas?
Thx Tara
You're 12 years old with a Double D cup? yeah right.. If you really put cooked wet rice in your bra, and slapped your **** all day, then your just stupid. And may I remind you? You're only 12 years old.. stay with your A cup, training bras, whatever. You're too young to be worrying about how big your boobs are. And also, Your 12 year old friends don't have bigger boobs then Double D. Either you're lieing, or they're stuffing

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