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Are ultrasounds that see two lines between legs always girls?
I had an ultrasound at 19weeks and was told it was 90% chance it was a girl because it showed two lines between the legs.
Has anyone ever heard of this not always being right?
I had had a feeling I was going to have a boy.
I had an utrasound 2 weeks before my baby was due. Showed very clearly that it was a girl. Was prepared for a girl.. When I delivered the doctor and I were both shocked to have a BOY.. It is not unusual for the little boy parts to delay dropping till right before birth. 19 weeks it could be right for you. But it does happen that they are wrong.
Do guys like the gap in between a girls legs?
or is it sexier for the inner thighs to slightly touch when the girl walks.

Mine slightly touch and Im not fat at all. How do I get a gap there?
Ewwww...No Gap!
I'm a lady and I think the gap between girls legs is not attractive. They look like they've had sex so much that now they're legs are just wide open. I've heard that from men too. They say that they can tell a girl is fast from that. My inner theighs touch and women have said that that is sexy...Enjoy and love those theighs and tighten them up by working out if you want.
Do guys prefer a gap or no gap between a girls legs?
I was just wondering, since I have noticed people complaining about the "gap" and complaining about not having the "gap" , so what is it? Do people like the gap or no gap???

btw girls you can answer too.

Thanks for the help in advance! =)
99% of guys don't care.
Tell me frankly, do u girls have ever looked between ur legs to see whts really there hidden?
I heard that most girls have never looked between their legs to know what is there is it true, and most down know what is there?
Girls are basically taught that sexuality and freedom with your body is shameful. Women used to have to bath while clothed, so they weren't "tainted with impure thoughts" as a way to control them. But nowadays, people are more reasonable, haha. It's important for you to know yourself, and not in a sexual way although that it fine too. It's an biological element, just like your stomach or liver. It's a part of you and there's nothing wrong or dirty with that. Imagine if you used your mouth, but had no idea what it looked like, what the parts were, what it was for? Check it out, there's no problem with it. Also, it's important to check now and then to make sure there are no issues.
Why Do Girls Place Their Cell Phones Between Their Legs?
During a Texting session, most girls seem to place their phones between their legs as they wait patiently for a response? Why place it there instead of their pockets or beside them, or on a table?
To keep there hands free. Mines is always there when i'm doing work in school. It really just feels secure. Its better than lying it down somewhere, I doubt anyones bold enough to reach between someones legs.
Why do girls like to put things between their legs?
lol that sounds... dirty...
Anyways, like, I like to put my hands between my legs sometimes when I sit and I noticed other girls do that, too. And like, if it's hot and I am sleeping, I will put the blanket between my legs and have one under the blanket and one on top. :p
its just comfortable
i sleep like that too
GUYS ONLY...what do you call that space between a girls legs?
the space i am talking about does NOT show on most women.only a few have it. to clarify, if she crosses her ankles while standing, you can see a very clearly defined opening that lets light through.....some girls have more than others. do you know what i am talking about? and what do you call it, other than the "beautiful window"? most girls have none at all.
you should be nominated for a Best Question Award;the situation you describe is almost a genetic abnormality where the arch of the backside is so high that a space exists where usually in the crossed ankle position the thighs are jammed against each other.
i suggest the name 'vista pulchra mundi';latin i think for beautiful view of the world
What's the best way to get between a girls legs?
there's this girl i really like and i've tried to put the moves on her
If you were much of a man, you wouldn't need to ask this question!

Why some girls have spaces between their legs when they walk and some does not?
Does it have any effect on their personality?
Are you talking about the size of their thighs, or whether they walk with a wide gate? The first is obviously weight related. The second would just be a mannerism (although any girl who had a walk wide enough to have visible space between her thighs is probably playing for the other team).

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